New Horizons

Since the beginning of 2013, GDP growth in agriculture has increased over $ 21 billion. This is 2.5% higher compared with 2012. Most of the GDP, or $ 19.5 billion tenge falls on livestock and poultry products. Interest in this field of business also taken foreign businessmen. Meanwhile, the Direct Investment Fund, a member of the State Fund Kazyna Capital Management, invested at a rate of several tens of millions of dollars in modernizing the poultry farm in Almaty region.

According to experts, in the course of work in poultry houses were repaired , the equipment was set up and adjusted and highly qualified specialists were involved. After reaching the design capacity of the company will produce more than 200 million eggs per year . In addition, a number of agreements with foreign companies for the supply of hatching eggs and chicks were concluded . In addition, more than one hundred jobs have been created in the enterprise, and the next year the number of vacancies will be increased to two hundred. The case against the food supplier has been resolved in favor of the local farms.

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