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Alsad Kazakhstan is a biggest advanced and modern enterpriseе in Kazakhstan for production and trade of chicken eggs of the namesake Alsad brand. It was established in September of 2012 on the base of the Altyn Ai Company.

History of the Alsad Kazakhstan started in 2008 with establishing of the Al Falah Investment Foundation. Decision on its creation was made with participation of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan during his visit to the UAE on Nov 7-11, 2007. In the course of the visit, parties agreed on development of cooperation between the Abu Dhabi Investment Office and other investment entities of UAE and Kazakhstan. Currently, the Investment Foundation is controlled by two companies: IPIC (International Petroleum Investment Company) and Kazyna Capital Management. The Investment Foundation portfolio includes several projects, and Alsad Kazakhstan is one of the biggest and the first in the agricultural sector.

In 2012, the Foundation bought so called ‘bad project' from one of the second-tier banks and repaid the entire debt for the last few years both to the bank and creditors. Due to investment, the poultry plant is furnished with up-to-date European equipment and advanced technologies. Our enterprise is so significant for the Foundation not only because it is the first project of the intergovernment foundation but since investment into such a high-risk sector as agriculture.

The main competitive advantages of our Company include a big area of the poultry plant in the pollution-free Karasai District (Almaty Region), use of the best feed to produce excellent finished product, involvement of the experienced and globally renowned experts, use of the best and high technology equipment and European administration experience.

Quality of the Alsad Kazakhstan products is recognized and confirmed by certificates including ECO and ISO. The Company has ECO Certificate and is listed in the Register of production and trade of ecologically clean products. The whole cycle of production of ecologically clean products complies with the Regulation «Procedure of production, trade and control over ecologically clean products».

Besides, production and distribution of chicken eggs of the Alsad Kazakhstan complies with requirements of ST RK ISSO 2000-2006 Food Safety System. The Certificate of Compliance is registered in the State Register of the State Technical Regulation System of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Now, the poultry plant consists of 4 poultry houses for a young stock and 12 poultry houses for laying hens. The plant is furnished with all necessary mechanisms and devices providing continuous vital processes. There are more than 200 employees now, and the most of them live in the Merei Settlement (Almaty Region). The Company regularly re-educate employees and provides training including courses abroad. All employees are socially protected and work in the excellent labor conditions.

Moreover, Alsad Kazakhstan is a prompt taxpayer.

The Company produced the first products in March of 2013. Within several years, the poultry plant increased initial capacity more than twice, produced more than 165 million eggs per year and first in Kazakhstan exported its products abroad. Today, our sales geography includes such countries as UAE, Afghanistan, Russia, Tadjikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

For the entire time in the market, Alsad Kazakhstan has gained a reputation of a quality product supplier recognized and trusted by the consumers, and a constant increase in demand for our goods is the excellent evidence.

Contacts of Sale Department: +7 701 951 88 78; +7 (727) 2  323 872, internal 124.; info@alsad.kz

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