New package design

New package design represent three categories of the Alsad Kazakhstan eggs and differentiate them by colors (orange, blue and green). Different color of each category enables our customers to simplify choice of products.

The 1st category of eggs (55-60g) is represented by the orange color of the box, «Choice Egg» (60-65g) – by the blue color and «Classic Egg» (65-70g) – by the green color.

Please note that our new package is manufactured from the high quality shaped paper grain and meets all modern standards. This is the best protection for such fragile product as a chicken egg, it helps to prolong its shelf life and preserve its quality. Micropores of paper grain provide optimal ventilation and an egg can «breathe». Such package is the best protection against any shocks and deformation; it is bending in case of pressure and dampening vibration. Tightly closed package lid provides reliable protection of eggs and stability during transportation.

Paper grain package is completely natural - 100% processing from the secondary raw material. Renewable resources help saving wood – it is possible to reuse up to 100% of material to produce a package.

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