We are the Major Producer

Alsad Kazakhstan is a modern innovative enterprise engaged in production and sale of chicken eggs of the namesake brand “Alsad”. It was established in September of 2012 on the base of Altyn Ai Company. Now Alsad, in terms of figures, is a grower of 624 000 egg-laying hens of the “Hy-Line” Dutch breed with the maximum capacity of 550 000 eggs per day and  the efficiency index of about 97%.

The main competitive advantages of our company are as follows:  a vast territory of the poultry farm located in the environmentally clean District of the Almaty Oblast, usage of the best feedstuff for output of the excellent final products, involvement of the best and highly skilled specialists     of international renown with the working experience of more than 40 years, as well as the use of the best and high-technology equipment and the European management practice.

Our poultry farm consists of 4 poultry houses for growing birds and 12 poultry houses for egg-production chickens. We use for poultry breeding such crosses as Ну-Line, which is the most efficient egg-laying hen in the world with an excellent laying house livability.

The property complex includes 4 buildings for growing birds breeding with the total capacity of 240 000 birds and 12 laying-hen buildings with the total capacity of 650 000 birds. The poultry farm is equipped with all the necessary mechanisms, tools and machines to ensure continuous operation process.   The enterprise is staffed with qualified trained personnel.. About 120 persons are employed and as a result 10 families have steady and high income. .All the employees are socially protected and provided with excellent working conditions. Moreover, Alsad Kazakhstan is a bona fide taxpayer which has a positive effect on the revenues of the Oblast.

As mentioned above, Alsad Kazakhstan with the Alsad brand started its operations in September of 2012. And already in March we received our first products. Over the past year the geography of our sales was considerably expanded. Today we are covering Almaty and the whole Almaty Oblast, as well as Zhambyl and Karaganda. The company is planning to provide in the near future the population of the whole country with competitive and high-quality products, with further export thereof outside the Republic of Kazakhstan. According to the dealers, and, above all, to the consumers, Alsad Kazakhstan is one of the best egg producers in the country as concerns the quality of chicken eggs, meeting such criteria as eating qualities, chemical composition, yolk colour, shell thickness and appearance. And this is undoubtedly the best praise and an excellent intensive to continue the work.

The philosophy of Alsad Kazakhstan consists in ensuring the best standards of consumer practice and the personnel relations. Having got off to a good start we are planning to further improve our product quality and to provide our fellow citizens with the best and useful products.

Our partners and clients