Mission of our Company: to be the best and competitive company of Kazakhstan in the field of production of eggs and chicken meet; provide domestic and foreign consumers with healthy and high quality products; develop culture of consumption of chicken eggs and meet as irreplaceable and useful elements in a daily ration of all people.

We adhere to the best standards towards consumers and employees. With a good beginning, the Company will continuously improve quality of products and provide people with the best and useful products!  


The main priority of the Company includes provision of the birds with quality and natural feed, use of equipment from the world manufacturers and rely upon the best personnel.

Feed for laying hens is the first and the most important element to produce a quality and useful egg. Feeding of the bird has a decisive impact on the tastiness and nutritional and commercial properties of eggs. Therefore, our company is using the high quality grains (wheat and corn) and feed of vegetable and animal origin, including soy oil meal, vegetable oil, mineral, vitamin and feed additives tested at the modern laboratory equipment and FOSS feed rapid analyzer (Sweden), the world market leader. 

Our team.We involve the best experts in the field of poultry breeding and management. Thus, we invited such a world famous expert as Hendrik De Jager (Holland). Mr Hendrik has 45-year experience in this field and is the best expert in genetics, vaccination, broiler strain and chicken egg production.

Our team also includes Vera Nikolayevna Buzayeva, livestock expert and very experienced poultry breeder. She took part in creation of Kazakhstani Alatau egg-laying hen crosses and Medeo duck crosses, and Vera Buzayeva won a silver medal of the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements for the Medeo cross.

To manage the plant performance and secure biosafety of our products, we also invited Dr Plantema Vet Center (Netherlands), world known expert in the field of vaccination. He visited our poultry plant and elaborated a vaccination program for some years to come using the best French vaccine. 

All buildings of our poultry plant (incubation department, house for growing birds, veterinary block, house for egg-laying hens, feed preparation section and egg-handling plant) have the best equipment from such internationally recognized manufacturers as Big Dutchman, Sanovo, MOBA, Scafco, STAALKAT  INTERNATIONAL B.V.

Our partners and clients